Month: September 2011

Question of the Week #8: “How has the Gospel changed you?”

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The Gospel is not just for non-believers to come through the front door. It is the good news that transforms us and sustains us from beginning to end.

This Monday, our question of the week is “HOW HAS THE GOSPEL CHANGED YOU?” You may have grown up in the church. You may have grown up in another religion or with no spiritual influence at all. You might look upon your past with great sorrow and regret.

Whatever your situation, the Gospel of Jesus Christ says, your past is passed away –> look to Jesus today for the eternal hope that fills you with great news for now and forever.

How has the Gospel changed you? How is the Gospel changing you right now? How can the Gospel continue to change you and your future direction?

Here is a 2 minute trailer for BLOODLINES, a book by John Piper about Race, Cross, and The Christian. He confesses “I grew up a full-blooded…RACIST!”

John Piper: Bloodlines Documentary Trailer from Crossway on Vimeo.

Thank God for the Gospel that has transformed men like John Piper and you and me into those who are being transformed more and more into the image and likeness of His Son and His people from every nation, tribe and tongue.

Question of the Week #7: “What makes a hero a hero?”

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Superman. Batman. Spiderman. Wonder Woman.
Fictional Superheroes have shaped the imaginations of generations of children.

What about real heroes? This week’s question leads us to think about “What makes a hero a hero?”

Think about the people in your life who you consider heroes. What are the characteristics of their lives that have impacted you?

Ultimately, how do these ordinary heroes reflect, in some small way, the ultimate hero of history, our Savior Jesus Christ?

Enjoy this video from 1997, a tribute to an unexpected hero to many — Fred Rogers! (have a tissue ready)

Question of the Week #6: “What is bravest (most courageous) thing someone has ever done for you?”

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In honor of the men and women who gave of their lives on 9/11, we wanted to ask this Question of the Week:

Question of the Week #6: “What is bravest (most courageous) thing someone has ever done for you?”

As you respond to that, consider, how can you “be bold and be strong” with the Lord’s presence on another’s behalf this week? Whether at home or at work, older or younger, someone may need you to just be brave and courageous for them in small simple ways.

Bonus: COURAGEOUS (from the makers of Fireproof and Facing the Giants) in theaters September 30!

Question of the Week #5: “What is one book that every leader MUST READ?”

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It’s been said before that “Leaders are Readers”. Whether leading in the Church or in business, the statement rings true.

This week’s Question is: “What is one book that every leader MUST READ?”

(Inspired by a recent post by my friend and church-planter Justin Buzzard, via BuzzardBlog and on Facebook and Twitter)

I also was recently tipped off to a book and blog called BESIDES THE BIBLE: 100 Books that Have, Should, or Will Create Christian Culture Interesting stuff!