Oh Happy Day! Sing it Again!

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My son loves to ask me to put this song on repeat. He demands, AGAIN AGAIN!

What if our Mondays could feel so happy! Joyful! Eager! Earnest! Holy! Awesome.

I love the fact that this classic Gospel track by Edwin Hawkins was practically launched into mainstream popularity by a few uncommon factors:

1. Whoopi Goldberg, a popular comedienne known for her outspoken views on controversial topics
2. A movie sequel (how often are sequels more successful/memorable than the first? not often, that’s for sure)
3. Marc Shaiman, a music supervisor and arranger who is known also for his not-always-faith-friendly views (he wrote Prop 8 “the musical”; he also wrote¬†Hairspray,and most recently the TV hit SMASH along with many Oscar show medleys).

I respect all these artists listed above and in the choir (including Lauryn Hill and Deedee Magno, see if you can find Jennifer Love Hewitt).

I am even more glad for the great ARTIST of our lives, the AUTHOR and PERFECTER of our FAITH who gives us true reasons to call this a HAPPY DAY!

“What reasons do you have that make this Monday an OH SO HAPPY DAY?”

Holler in the comments below.


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