Month: April 2013

Courage + Compassion

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A man named Mike Larson recently posted this photo and a touching story that has inspired courage and compassion all over the world. It has gone viral with over 150K shares!

229070_138937059629793_1834053450_nmike larson

This is my son Jon with his prom date Maddie. He is a junior and he has autism. About a month ago, Maddie, a senior, came to my office (I’m a teacher at their school) and asked if Jon’s mom and I would allow her to take him to prom. Maddie had gotten to know Jon through a school club that promotes friendships between special needs kids and regular kids. “He’s a junior,” she explained “so it’s his prom too. I just think he should have the chance to go.” I told her we would be honored to have him go with her.
During the next couple weeks, she asked what his favorite color was (orange) so she could get a dress in that color. She also made reservations for their group (they doubled with another couple)at a restaurant that served his favorite food – chicken fingers and French fries.
I encourage everyone to like and share this for three reasons:
1. To show support for special kids like Jon
2. To show support for groups that promote these friendships
3. To remind us all, in a time when we hear about all the terrible things going on, that there are wonderful kids like Maddie working to make other’s lives better.


1. WHO inspires simple acts of COURAGE & COMPASSION in you?

1. HOW will I inspire others with simple acts of COURAGE & COMPASSION today?

The Unstuck are Unstoppable

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Author and speaker, Jon Acuff, just released his best-seller titled START. In a recent interview, he made the comment that “THE UNSTUCK ARE UNSTOPPABLE”.

I like that. It’s a sticky phrase. It preaches.

Sometimes, however, we can also be our own worst obstacles.

We refuse to follow-through.

We lose sight of the goal

Even more tragic, we refuse to begin.

We never get started.

But not today. Today is your day. Today is the day that the LORD has made.

Take the first step to rejoice and BE GLAD IN HIM!

Take the first step.




Whatever it takes, GET STARTED right now!

QUESTION: What will be your plan to START & FINISH your goals? Make a short list of 3 key action-steps and post your suggestions.

Get the book START by Jon Acuff right now. Click the image below:

Here are a few video interviews with Jon Acuff from just this week:




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It’s a strange paradox. Words without actions mean nothing.

James writes in his epistle, “Faith without deeds is dead”.

It’s true that there is power in words.

Combined with action, the meaning of words is confirmed.

Now take Words, Actions, and multiply it by Melody and Movement behind the light and shadow of a screen.

Experience unparalleled and imaginative storytelling that will inspire and motivate you to action today!

QUESTION: How will my actions inspire others to stand to their feet today?

Remember your actions matter. Your words matter. Your life is a melody and your forward movement puts your story on display. May others see and savor the Glory of God as you dance through life today?

Broken Winners

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Win for Ware!

That was the idea behind last night’s NCAA champion Louisville men’s basketball team.

Last week, Kevin Ware was gruesomely injured with a broken leg.

Last night, the team rallied against Michigan to arrive victorious.

Traditionally, the winning team climbs a ladder to cut down the net.

Here is Kevin Ware cutting down the last threads of the net from where he stood, broken leg and all.

TODAY’S QUESTION: What personal brokenness can you leverage for greater inspiration to win?


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Many years ago, a famous funny TV commercial for the “GOT MILK?” campaign featured a call-in radio trivia question about… well, watch it for yourself:

We might know the right answers. We might have the will to even say it out loud.

But sometimes, we’re blocked by a number of obstacles.

Sometimes, it’s just one simple obstacle, like a mouth full of delicious PB&J.

Whatever that obstacle might be, we need to get over it.

Get past it.

Get through it.

Get around it.

  • What OBSTACLE is keeping you from your goal? 
  • What ACTION must you take to break through?