Time, Talent, Treasures… and ________________?

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There are 3 T’s that are often touted as the currency of life:




With these 3 things, we can spend or waste, invest or squander, help others or harm others. 


But I believe there is a 4th “T” that matters even more than Time, Talent and Treasures. 

What is that “T” word? 





Simply and plainly, Trust determines where you will spend your time. Trust determines how you will exercise your talents. Trust determines who gets the full value of your treasures. 


If you don’t trust someone, you won’t want to spend time with them. 

If you don’t trust someone, your talents will be of no benefit to them. 

If you don’t trust someone, you will have a hard time sacrificing your treasures for them.


On the other hand, if you do trust, the value of all of your time, talent and treasures is appreciated, that is, they all go up, up, UP in value. 


Consider your TRUST as the priceless currency of relationships. Don’t squander it. Rather, be a wise spender of your trust. And be a great steward of all that God has entrusted to you that others might find you truly faithful and TRUSTWORTHY!



1. What makes you trust others?

2. What makes you worthy of trust to others?


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