10 Simple Questions about Coaching (with 10 Simple Answers, too!)

Q1: What is coaching all about?

A1: Coaching is about becoming who you were truly made to be by taking the best ideas in your HEAD, connecting the best motives of your HEART, and promoting best practices with your HANDS. Coaches ask powerful questions that engage clients’ ideas, motivation, action and listen for ways to move them forward.

Q2: How much will coaching cost me?

A2: Everything. Really, it’s true. Everything you learn and everything you earn will be affected by coaching. However, your money is not the primary investment that counts in coaching. Your motivation to act is the real investment. Your time, talents, and treasures matter because they are yours to give (not to be taken away).

Contact KingdomPros Coaching today to request a copy of our price scale sheet (includes single-session and multiple-session packages).

Q3: Are your coaches trained?

A3: Yes. KingdomPros Coaching have been extensively trained by ICF certified instructors, seminary professors, church pastors and professional experts. They have worked in offices, churches, para-church ministries, classrooms and the mission field.

Q4: Can your coaches train me to coach others?

A4: Indeed. If your goal is to gain coaching skills for yourself or your team, KingdomPros conducts workshops, seminars, and training weekends. If your goal is to become a professionally certified coach, we can refer you to great training organizations in your area.

Q5: Is coaching just like counseling?

A5: No. While coaching and counseling both employ powerful questions and active listening, coaching is distinct in that it is focused on forward-motion, assumes health in the person being coached, and emphasizes the role of the client as expert and owner of the agenda.

Q6: Is coaching just like consulting?

A6: No. Consultants tell you what you need. Coaches ask what you need. There is a strategic place for consulting experts in business and life. We believe that coaching is just as strategic and helps in a unique way by putting clients in the driver’s seat; coaching is effective because it emphasizes asking over telling.

Q7: Why should I consider coaching?

A7: Like momma always said, “You’ll never know until you’ve tried it.” Plus the first session is free. We have discovered that many coaching-skeptics can quickly become raving fans of coaching when they actually experience it first hand.

Q8: Do I have to be face-to-face for our coaching sessions?

A8: We believe coaching should happen on your time and on your turf. We offer flexible solutions for coaching by phone and by video-chat (Skype, Google+, and other phone/video chat services). In-person sessions are also available for those in the Northern California Bay Area.

Q9: What is required to begin a coaching partnership?

A9: After our first complimentary session, you will be given a coaching-readiness assessment along with a Kingdom Professionals Coaching Covenant which will detail all the terms of the coaching partnership which include expectations, scheduling, confidentiality agreement, costs and more. Like all investments that grow, it will take a healthy amount of faith, patience, work, and energy that is totally worth the sweat!

Q10: When can I start with a Kingdom Professionals Coach ?

A10: Right Now! Today! Pronto! Contact KingdomPros Coaching today to take your first step!


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