Are Good Intentions Enough?

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We all know about that symbolic road paved with good intentions, and where it leads, right? Well, if you don’t, then simply Google it.
Hint: It’s not a good place to be. 
Are you tired of having good intentions that lead nowhere?
Are you ready to take those good intentions–the ones that God purposely planted in you–and make something good come out of them?
Coaching helps people move from simply having good intentions towards doing something about them.
Coaching is a unique tool that helps people discover practical ways to achieve their goals (big and small), and experience the kind of outcomes that satisfy our hearts and glorify God.
I have personally experienced the impact of coaching in my own ministry involvement, from learning how to ask more insightful questions tobecoming an engaged listener to empowering and encouraging immediate action.


My first touch with coaching happened while I was taking classes at Western Seminary a few years ago.
I was completely blindsided by the impact that this class would have on my preparation to become a pastor.
I must admit, I was a bit skeptical of the need for a coaching class in a seminary. After all, wasn’t I supposed to learn how to read and teach the Bible? Why would anyone need to take a coaching class to become a pastor?
While I still believe that a great theological education is (and always will be) crucial, I discovered that having the tools to connect ideas to action was just as important.
Let me repeat that: Having the tools to connect ideas with action IS just as important!
This is how coaching destroyed my skepticism!
You see, ideas alone will die in isolation. Even the best ideas.
I discovered how the coaching relationship provides a healthy dose of powerful questions that lead people to gain increased clarity. Combine that with enough space to think and be heard without interruption. Add to that a strategic relationship with a coach who partners as the key vehicle to get you from where you are to where you want to be.
Coaching relationships are dynamic and bring life to the process…and progress is made! Ideas that lead to action.
This is extremely important in the workplace.
This is especially crucial in ministry.
Think about it.
  • What would it be like to hear someone asking you more powerful questions?
  • What would change if you had the space and bandwidth to think out loud without interruption?
  • What would happen if you were challenged to just do something about it?
Every idea gains traction. Every relationship wins.
Since then, as a coach with a pastor’s heart, I have had the joy of partnering with clients and co-laborers in Christ’s kingdom.
I have watched people discover and develop into amazing disciples.
I have witnessed people go from discouragement to confidence.
I have seen, time and time again, that glorious “AHA!” moment occur, the one where an idea finally clicks and the fog becomes clear.
The smile on their face confirms that they can — AND THEY WILL — do it!


I am hosting these 4 Coaching Workshops built around 3 different themes:
  • Relationships
  • Leadership 
  • Workplace
I guarantee that you will discover some applicable skills that you can immediately put into action.
In fact, each of these workshops is designed with interaction and participation in mind.
A live coaching demonstration will be presented, along with a Q&A session.
Most importantly, each participant will have the opportunity to implement what they have learned right away!


Here is a link to all of the registration information you’ll need.
Check which dates and locations will suit you best.
(Mar 1, SF or Mar 7-8, Castro Valley)
NOTE: Register by Feb 15th for EARLY BIRD SAVINGS for the San Francisco Event. (That’s about 1 week away)
This weekend, would you please announce this or share this email  with other key leaders? I’m trying to get the word out to as many people as possible. Your help is totally appreciated.
I look forward to serving you soon!
With gratitude,
Pira Tritasavit,
Kingdom Professionals Coaching
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KID PRESIDENT’s “Letter to a Person on their First Day Here”

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Kid President does it again!

Q: What would you add to the list? 

COACHING WORKSHOPS (Upcoming Dates in March 2014) hosted by Kingdom Professionals Coaching

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Kingdom Professionals Coaching workshops_edited-4

Kingdom Professionals Coaching is returning to the BASS CONVENTION in Castro Valley, CA (Redwood Chapel) to conduct THREE coaching workshops again (March 7-8).

We are also hosting a coaching workshop in San Francisco at New Life Church (300 Ulloa St, SF, CA 94127) on March 1st (the weekend before BASS).  

Feel free to print, post or share online. Thanks!


San Francisco (NEW LIFE)

  • Saturday, March 1
  • 10am “Coaching for Relationships & Coaching for Christian Leadership”

Castro Valley (BASS)

  • Friday, March 7
  • 9am “He Said, She Said: Coaching for Marriage”
  • 1:30pm “Get in the Game: Coaching for Christian Leadership”
  • Saturday, March 8 @2:15pm
  • 2:15pm “Kingdom Professionals: Coaching for Workplace Witness”


“BE BROKEN, BE LOVED” – Buy Designer Canvas/ Poster Prints

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Merry Christmas to All, and to All a Good FLIGHT!

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I have never flown WestJet airlines.

But after watching this, I want to. I really want to.

Check out this awesome 5 minute video of WestJet’s CHRISTMAS SURPRISE!

“Merry Christmas to All, and to All a Good FLIGHT!”


What would you have told the Blue Santa in the airport?

Bonus Video: The WHY? behind their Christmas Miracle project

WestJet’s work culture is all about “Fun. Friendly. Caring.”

SUBWAY CHANGE (Not What You’re Expecting)

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Have you ever encountered a Subway announcement like this? At first, you might think he’s going to ask for change. Instead, find out what kind of change he is talking about!

QUESTIONS: If you had a few minutes to tell others about the change(s) in you, what would you shout about?

BOOK REVIEW: A CALL TO RESURGENCE – Will Christianity have a Funeral or a Future? By Mark Driscoll

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Mark Driscoll’s latest book A CALL TO RESURGENCE is a helpful manual for church leaders and individuals hoping to get a sociological and theological grasp of the purpose and place of the Church, especially in the Western world. He emphasizes the concept of tribes and tribalism in a very categorical way that may serve as helpful to many, though not every reader would agree with some of the placements of leaders and tribes.

What always helps with Driscoll’s books are his stories which are filled with stark honesty, shocking humor, and redemptive lessons. A CALL TO RESURGENCE is a timely book for the 21st century church that calls followers of Jesus out of religiosity and into battle.

One standout story he tells is about the planting of Mars Hill Portland, where a group of protestors showed up to vandalize and scandalize the congregation. In response, the church leaders loved on the opposition, shared an interview on NPR with an LGBT leader, and forged relationships with the community that led to many lives transformed by Jesus.

Will Christianity have a future or a funeral? Lord willing, the future will be filled with Gospel-centered, resurrected hope. Readers of Driscoll’s previous books like Doctrine, Vintage Church and Vintage Jesus, and Confessions of A Reformissional Rev will still enjoy reading A CALL TO RESURGENCE.

NOTE: In the audio version of A CALL TO RESURGENCE, the reader mispronounces Calvary (Cavalry) Chapel over and over again, which drives me nuts. But this is just a pet peeve. I would have much rather heard Pastor Mark’s voice on the audiobook, simply because his voice is distinct in not just what he has to say, but HOW URGENTLY he says it.

To comply with new regulations introduced by the Federal Trade Commission, the reviewer discloses that TyndaleHouse Publishers has provided this complimentary copy of this book or Audio Recording Copy.