Confusing Questions are Hilarious…but Terrible Coaching Questions

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This is a hilarious clip from Jimmy Kimmell and HOW NOT to ask coaching questions.

Yes it is an interview question.
Not it is not concise, open-ended or clear.

But it is FUNNY!


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San Francisco COACHING WORKSHOP (March 1) – Registration Open

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Register now for the upcoming Kingdom Professionals Coaching Workshop

Saturday, March 1, 2014

@ New Life Church of the Nazarene
300 Ulloa St (on Knockash Hill)
San Francisco, CA 94127

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Find Your Strengths for Free

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I’m a fan of FREE.
I’m a fan of working in your strengths.

So I finally checked out Tom Rath’s #1 New York Times best seller “Strengths Finder 2.0” from the library.

I’m a fan of the library, too.
They’ve given me a ton of free reads.
Best use of my tax-payer dollars. 

Sadly, the online assessment code in the back of the book was already scratched and used.
I knew it would be. 

But thankfully, someone out there in the interwebs developed something similar for FREE.
Though it is probably not endorsed by the Strengths Finder people, it seems pretty useful and close to what I was hoping to find out.

Before taking the test, my personal guesses were: 1) Input, 2) Learner, 3) Relator, 4) Activator, 5) Significance

After taking the test, my results were: 1) Significance, 2) Learner, 3) Belief, 4) Communication, 5) Input — (Activator-13, Relator-18)


Take the assessment as a free version here –

Post your results in the comments.



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Virgin America has taken a BORING speech and transformed it into something that passengers will PAY ATTENTION TO and even, dare I say it, ENJOY.

You know that “all-too-easy-to-ignore” schpiel at the beginning of every airplane flight? Well, you’ve never seen it done like this before!

Take a peek.


  • How can you be a CHANGE AGENT where you are today?
  • What BORING stuff can be made more INTERESTING and ENJOYABLE simply because you were a part of it? 

2 Lines from the Princess Bride — the one you know and the one you might not

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Actor Mandy Patinkin is struck by his own words. He almost forgot he said them.

At the end of the classic film THE PRINCESS BRIDE, his character utters these profound lines from 25 years ago. The most potent line in the whole film.

How does that resonate with you?

What other famous movie lines stick with you? 

Benefits & Consequences

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plus minus


Life moves at a frantic pace.

Staying ahead is difficult. Keeping up is hard.

No one stays put. No one stays still.

You are either moving towards the goal or further away from it.
ACTION requires discipline, determination and dedication.

Without these 3 ingredients, PASSIVITY wins…or at the very least, it just happens.


You’ve sown the seeds with good intentions and good information.

ACTION leads to reaping the benefits.

Failure to act results in painful consequences.

The choice is yours.



1. Today, are you moving CLOSER TOWARD or FURTHER AWAY FROM your goal?

2. How badly do you want to achieve your goal? 


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