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Find Your Strengths for Free

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I’m a fan of FREE.
I’m a fan of working in your strengths.

So I finally checked out Tom Rath’s #1 New York Times best seller “Strengths Finder 2.0” from the library.

I’m a fan of the library, too.
They’ve given me a ton of free reads.
Best use of my tax-payer dollars. 

Sadly, the online assessment code in the back of the book was already scratched and used.
I knew it would be. 

But thankfully, someone out there in the interwebs developed something similar for FREE.
Though it is probably not endorsed by the Strengths Finder people, it seems pretty useful and close to what I was hoping to find out.

Before taking the test, my personal guesses were: 1) Input, 2) Learner, 3) Relator, 4) Activator, 5) Significance

After taking the test, my results were: 1) Significance, 2) Learner, 3) Belief, 4) Communication, 5) Input — (Activator-13, Relator-18)


Take the assessment as a free version here –

Post your results in the comments.


Merry Christmas to All, and to All a Good FLIGHT!

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I have never flown WestJet airlines.

But after watching this, I want to. I really want to.

Check out this awesome 5 minute video of WestJet’s CHRISTMAS SURPRISE!

“Merry Christmas to All, and to All a Good FLIGHT!”


What would you have told the Blue Santa in the airport?

Bonus Video: The WHY? behind their Christmas Miracle project

WestJet’s work culture is all about “Fun. Friendly. Caring.”

BOOK REVIEW: A CALL TO RESURGENCE – Will Christianity have a Funeral or a Future? By Mark Driscoll

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Mark Driscoll’s latest book A CALL TO RESURGENCE is a helpful manual for church leaders and individuals hoping to get a sociological and theological grasp of the purpose and place of the Church, especially in the Western world. He emphasizes the concept of tribes and tribalism in a very categorical way that may serve as helpful to many, though not every reader would agree with some of the placements of leaders and tribes.

What always helps with Driscoll’s books are his stories which are filled with stark honesty, shocking humor, and redemptive lessons. A CALL TO RESURGENCE is a timely book for the 21st century church that calls followers of Jesus out of religiosity and into battle.

One standout story he tells is about the planting of Mars Hill Portland, where a group of protestors showed up to vandalize and scandalize the congregation. In response, the church leaders loved on the opposition, shared an interview on NPR with an LGBT leader, and forged relationships with the community that led to many lives transformed by Jesus.

Will Christianity have a future or a funeral? Lord willing, the future will be filled with Gospel-centered, resurrected hope. Readers of Driscoll’s previous books like Doctrine, Vintage Church and Vintage Jesus, and Confessions of A Reformissional Rev will still enjoy reading A CALL TO RESURGENCE.

NOTE: In the audio version of A CALL TO RESURGENCE, the reader mispronounces Calvary (Cavalry) Chapel over and over again, which drives me nuts. But this is just a pet peeve. I would have much rather heard Pastor Mark’s voice on the audiobook, simply because his voice is distinct in not just what he has to say, but HOW URGENTLY he says it.

To comply with new regulations introduced by the Federal Trade Commission, the reviewer discloses that TyndaleHouse Publishers has provided this complimentary copy of this book or Audio Recording Copy.

HERE IS A SURPRISE CORN DOG I BOUGHT YOU BECAUSE YOU ARE MY FRIEND! and other things we should say more often

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Thanks for the reminder, Kid President!


  • Which one of these could YOU say more often TODAY? 
  • What else could you add to the list?


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Precision counts.

Ask any accountant undertaking an auditing project. Precision counts.

Ask any quarterback and wide receiver with under 2 minutes remaining. Precision counts.

Ask any teacher correcting a stack of final exams. Precision counts.

Ask anyone for a clear answer to an urgent, specific question. Precision counts.

ASK JEAN-CLAUDE VAN DAMME as he makes this epic stunt happen. PRECISION COUNTS.

When it comes to precision, how precise are the following in your life, work and witness?

  • Vision 
  • Mission
  • Core Values
  • Goals
  • Strategy

Anyone can fumble their way around a variety of responses. Remember, precision counts.

Anyone can talk their ideas into a brainstorm whirlwind of nothingness. Remember, precision counts.

Given 20 words or less (or even 10 seconds or less), could you clearly articulate your Vision, Mission, Core Values, Goals and Strategies with absolute PRECISION?

Take 10 minutes to try one out and post your comments below.

CROSSING THE GOAL LINE … with a little help from friends!

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There are some goals that we can reach on our own.

But most goals require some help from others. A lot of help.

This is a touching story of a kid with special needs…and the story of some other kids who schemed their way to meet those needs, and found something even more special as a result.

You’ve never met middle school students quite like this huddle of heroes.   

WARNING: Tissues required.


  • Who are some people that NEED YOU in reaching their goals today? 
  • Who are some people YOU NEED to help reach your goals?


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Virgin America has taken a BORING speech and transformed it into something that passengers will PAY ATTENTION TO and even, dare I say it, ENJOY.

You know that “all-too-easy-to-ignore” schpiel at the beginning of every airplane flight? Well, you’ve never seen it done like this before!

Take a peek.


  • How can you be a CHANGE AGENT where you are today?
  • What BORING stuff can be made more INTERESTING and ENJOYABLE simply because you were a part of it?